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Resorts in Dandeli

The Century Resort is one of the best resorts in Dandeli to stay. It has wonderful lake view accommodations that are located in the midst of the natural jungle environment of the area. The resort offers clean, comfortable, convenient and characteristic accommodations that provide the kind of experiences that stay with you forever and ever.

The Century Resort has 17 Cottages, 6 Maharaja Tents and 4 Swiss Tents with in-room dining, impeccable views and many fun activities for guests. The experience of living in tents is especially rewarding as it immerses the guest into the clean natural jungle environment that Dandeli is known for.


Story of the Kali River

The grand Kali River is a majestic and ancient river that runs through Karnataka. Its pristine waters feed the large ecosystem of animals and birds that inhabit the area and its stunning natural beauty draws thousands of tourists every year to its banks.

Over its 190 Km run, the river twists and turns creating some scenic and mesmerizing landscapes while the many dams across its impressive girth generate electricity that powers the region.

The river has always been a lifeline for the people who live in this magical wonderland. It has allowed locals to travel up and down its length since time immemorial using saucer-shaped boats and affords tourists the opportunity to enjoy many water sports along the way such as River Rafting, Jet Skiing, swimming, River Crossing, Kayaking and much more.

Visitors are tempted to explore and experiment with this wonderland through adventure sports and activities but there are also a number of important tourist destinations and places to visit in Dandeli that are well worth experiencing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dandeli can be reached by air, road and train. The closest airport to Dandeli is Belgaum, which is 90 Km away and the closest Railway Station is Dharwad, which is 46 Km away.

Dandeli is good throughout the year but the best time to visit is between October and May. This is the “on season” in Dandeli.

Dandeli is a great destination for kids because there are many interesting things there for them to see and do such as: Jungle Safari, River Rafting, Zorbing, Boating, Camping etc. Children enjoy animals, games, nature and natural activities.

Yes. Dandeli has excellent network coverage for phone and internet. It is well covered by all service providers.

There are several big cities close to Dandeli such as Hubli, Bangalore, Belgaum, Goa and Mumbai.

Dandeli is great fun for a college trip and many groups from different colleges visit it every year. There are many fun activities and adventure sports to do in Dandeli and there are many suitable accommodations available including 5 bedded rooms and dormitories where students can stay together.

Yes. Drinking is allowed in Dandeli and alcohol is served in many bars and restro-bars. There are also shops where you can purchase alcohol at low rates

There is a small population of Bengal Tigers at the Kali Tiger Reserve but spotting a tiger in the wild depends purely on luck.

There is a sizable population of Black Panthers in Dandeli but spotting a panther in the wild depends purely on luck.

The Century Resort is one of the best hotels and resorts in Dandeli. It has clean, comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, room service and a lake on the premises.

The Starling Hotels and Resorts is considered the best resort in Dandeli, the most popular, best-reviewed, and most trusted resort here. For years, Starling has been known as the gold standard of resorts in Dandeli by guests and industry insiders alike.
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